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SSD Shared Web Hosting USA Professional host portal website wordpress blog store forum
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SSD Shared Web Hosting USA Professional host portal website wordpress blog store forum
Price: $30.00

Plans: SSD StandardSSD Enterprise (+ $18.00)
The SSD plan is helpful in speeding up your websites.
You are buying our USA Web Hosting with SSD Hard Drive for one year. This low-priced package comes will full features, and huge allowances - both at minimal cost.This package can be tailored to suit home users, and business users alike. Any user requiring multiple sites and a generous allowance of disk space should seriously consider this package.

  5GB SSD Hard Drive, 100GB traffic,  5 sites, unlimited sub-domains & databases,  $30/year
10GB SSD Hard Drive, 200GB traffic, 10 sites, unlimited sub-domains & databases,  $48/year

The Benefits of Solid State Drives

Speed - this is the single most important benefit of using solid state drives or SSD. Compared to conventional storage, using SSD for virtual private servers delivers much faster disk I/O performance. Your website’s performance will increase dramatically. SSD Hosting is especially crucial for websites with considerable dynamic content or databases.

Unlike HDDs use spinning platters to record data, SSDs use flash memory. HDDs have electromechanical moving parts, and need to take some time to spin to locate the information that users need. However, SSDs contain no moving mechanical parts, so there is no latency. Standard HDDs are only able to perform hundreds of input/output operations per second, while SSDs can perform thousands per second thus dramatically reduce the response time and loading time.

According to experiments and surveys, pages using a SSD may load up to 300% faster than using a HDD. For instance, the average page loading speed with SSD, based on performance tests, is 0.3 second, while that with HDD is 1.1 seconds. And the MySQL transactions with SSD average 19.9 KB per second, while those with HDD average 6 KB per second. It can be easily seen that SSDs is a wonderful performance boost feature.

Our shared hosting plans include 24/7 technical support, 99.9% uptime, and a 7 day money back guarantee. These plans are perfect for portal websites, blogs, personal websites, social network websites, online stores, and forum communities,etc.

How the service works

What we need after payment clearance:
username and domain name(You can register a domain name on namecheap.com)

You can send us these details via email

or via "contact us" form

Upon payment clearance you will receive your control panel log in and FTP details shortly.

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