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Online Store website Shopping Cart SEO friendly 65 free templates PayPal shop
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Online Store website Shopping Cart SEO friendly 65 free templates PayPal shop
Price: $70.00

65 professional store templates included for free!

You are buying a shopping cart website under your own domain name.

You will get free installation and basic customization services from us

(logo, title, your site name in the footer,etc..). It also comes with free training
and trouble-shooting services. For advanced custom, we charge $12 per hour.


Contact us - by asking a question or e-mail: support@iqdeal.com
for back end demo log in.

Please provide the control panel log in details of your host and site name after purchase.

You can register a domain name at namecheap.com

You can use HostGator, Bluehost hosting or our hosting. Do not use GoDaddy or 1and1 hosting.
We also provide professional USA hosting services.
$30 per year,  10GB hard drive, 200GB bandwidth
$48 per year,  20GB hard drive, 500GB bandwidth

or our managed VPS server services. For more details, please check

Plan1024 spec:
RAM: 1024MB, Burst Ram: 512MB,2 CPU Cores,Disk space: 40GB, Bandwidth: 750GB,
One dedicated IP, Location: New York or Los Angeles
Cost: $192/Year   (=$16/Month)      [was $228/Year]

Plan2048 spec:
RAM: 2048MB, Burst Ram: 1024MB,4 CPU Cores,Disk space: 100GB, Bandwidth: 2000GB,
One dedicated IP, Location: New York or Los Angeles
Cost: $252/Year   (=$21/Month)       [was $372/Year]


Store Design

    65 professional store templates included
    W3C/XHTML compliant templates
    Easily integrate your existing design
    Drag and drop layout customization
    Edit HTML and CSS in your browser
    Edit HTML and CSS via FTP
    Upload a logo or use the logo editor
    Change website text using your mouse
    Edit email templates from control panel
    Works in all popular web browsers
    Web-based control panel

Search Engine Optimization

    Recognized as #1 SEO-optimized solution
    Optimized by #1 SEO Expert Aaron Wall
    Optimized by company founders (SEO experts)
    HTML easily parsed by search spiders
    Edit robots.txt file in control panel
    Correct use of robots.txt file
    PageRank not passed to irrelevant pages
    Setup your own 301 redirect links
    Per-page optimization (title, META, etc)
    Set default page title and META details
    Set page title and META details per product
    Set page title and META details per page
    Set page title and META details per news post
    Set page title and META details per category
    Automatically generated HTML sitemap
    XML sitemap for Google Webmaster Tools
    SEO friendly product links
    SEO friendly category links
    SEO friendly brand links
    SEO friendly search links
    SEO friendly page links
    SEO friendly news links
    Toggle SEO friendly links
    W3C valid templates
    Tableless store designs
    Custom product image alt text
    Lightweight HTML, separate from CSS
    100% HTML and CSS templates, no PHP
    Full access to modify HTML & CSS

Orders & Checkout

    Single page checkout
    Accept pre orders
    Minimum and maximum order quantities
    Shipping quote estimates
    Guest checkout option
    Refunds and store credits
    Custom checkout form fields
    Delivery/event dates
    Shipping tracking numbers
    Email order confirmation
    Agree to terms before ordering
    Add multiple items to cart
    Create order shipments
    Order messaging system
    One click re-order
    Take your store down for maintenance
    Set a custom starting order number
    Send order tracking link to customer automatically via email

Products & Merchandising

    Sell physical & digital products
    Sell products with options (size, color, etc)
    Minimum and maximum order quantities
    Custom fields (i.e. text to print on a t-shirt)
    Bulk discount quantity pricing
    Gift wrapping options
    'Catalog only' mode
    'Call for pricing' option
    Create unlimited sub categories
    Import products, images, variations, etc
    Bulk export/re-import thousands of items
    Export products for bulk update in Excel
    Create and assign brands/manufacturers
    Add products to unlimited categories
    Per-product SKUs or custom codes
    Per-option SKUs or custom codes
    Fully WYSIWYG editor for description
    Embed videos in product description
    Per-product YouTube video gallery
    Edit product description HTML directly
    Cut/copy/paste support in WYSIWYG editor
    Per-product gift wrapping
    Live shipping quotes
    Product reviews & comments
    IntenseDebate comment/reviews integration
    Disqus comment/reviews integration
    Specify cost price and see profit reports
    Enter retail price to show RRP
    Enter sale price for sale events
    Choose if a product is taxable or not
    Disable purchasing on a per-product basis
    Specify product weight for live shipping quotes
    Enable free shipping on a per-product basis

Variations & Product Options

    Sell products such as apparel & computers
    Setup unlimited options per product
    Options don't count towards product limit
    Create a variation or set of product options
    Assign the variation to multiple products
    Add, subtract or set fixed price for each option
    Add, subtract or set fixed weight for each option
    Set a unique SKU for each product option
    Set a unique image for each product option
    Set stock on hand for each product option
    Set low stock level for each option
    Change the display order of product options
    Add options without affecting existing products
    Remove options without affecting products
    Optionally track inventory per option
    Filter options for quick updating
    Bulk update option values per product
    Paging when editing product options
    Disable purchasing of specific options
    Force options to be selected when buying
    Re-order function preserves product options
    Options displayed with order and on invoice

Inventory & Stock Control

    Per-product inventory levels
    Per-option inventory levels
    Inventory tracking can be disabled per product
    Set low stock level warning for each product
    Track inventory at a product or option level
    Set current stock level per product option
    Set low stock level per product option
    Automatic inventory control
    Low stock reminder indicators on dashboard
    Detailed inventory report for all products
    Disable purchasing when no stock
    Bulk update inventory levels

Configurable Fields

    Great for collecting additional product info
    Such as text to print on a t-shirt
    Such as picture to print on a mug
    Text, file and checkbox field types
    Dropdown field types
    Fields display on product page
    Fields display on invoice
    Limit file formats that can be uploaded
    Fields shown along with order for processing
    Create an unlimited number of fields
    Optionally make some/all fields required

Delivery/Event Dates

    Sell tickets to events, concerts, etc
    Sell flowers and other items with delivery dates
    Limit date range for selection per product
    Customize the name displayed for the date field
    Filter orders by delivery/event date
    Export orders by delivery/event date
    Set number of tickets available for purchase
    Delivery confirmation of purchase via email
    Choosing a date can be required or optional
    Date selected shown along with order details
    Date selected shown on invoice

Tax Rates & Settings 

    The most flexible tax system period
    Full support for geographic tax zones
    Multiple, stackable product classes
    State-based tax zones
    Country-based tax zones
    Unlimited tax rates & zones
    Prices inc/ex tax
    Flat tax option
    Tax rate display in store
    Tax shown on invoices, etc
    Flexible tax rules and flow
    Sales tax report by date
    Sell locally, nationally or internationally

In-Store Merchandising

    Full product catalog
    Online checkout system
    'Call for pricing' option
    One click add to cart
    Optimized usability
    Product comparisons
    Order status updates
    Live order tracking
    Email/print invoices
    Customer address book
    Private wish lists
    Public wish lists
    Order messaging system
    Related products
    Suggestive cart
    'You may also like'...

In-Store Search

    Search suggest
    'Did you mean?' suggestions
    Related searches list
    Advanced search options
    Fiter by price
    Filter by availability
    Filter by free shipping
    Search tips and advice
    Shop by brand
    Shop by price
    Saved searches and views

Business Intelligence Reports

    25+ performance reports
    Daily conversion rate
    Top 20 customers
    Best selling products
    Customer locations (Google maps)
    Orders by item sold
    Sales tax report by date
    Orders by revenue
    Popular products
    Inventory report
    Customers by date
    Revenue per customer
    Search keywords with results
    Search keywords without results
    Best performing keywords
    Worst performing keywords
    Search term corrections

Images & Photos

    Upload an unlimited number of photos
    Add photos from your computer or a website
    Automatically generated photo galleries
    Photo thumbnails on product pages
    SuperZoom TM instant photo zooming
    Thumbnail photos created automatically
    Upload dozens of images at once
    Photo manager to organize photos
    Open large images in a popup/lightbox window
    Per-image alt text and description for SEO
    Share photos between products
    Dozens of customizable photo display settings

Mobile Commerce

    Browse & buy on all popular mobile devices
    iPad-Native Shopping Experience
    iPhone Optimized Mobile Experience
    Android Optimized Mobile Experience
    Palm Pre Optimized Mobile Experience
    Blackberry Optimized Mobile Experience
    Enable/disable mobile commerce per device
    Complete HTML/CSS design customization

Multi-Currency Support

    Complete multi-currency support
    Live, automatically updated exchange rates
    Automatic visitor currency detection
    Custom exchange rates if required
    Set a currency as the default currency
    Set per-currency symbol, decimal places, etc

Shopping Comparison Engines

    Direct point-and-click integration to 7 shopping comparison sites
    Product export to Beso
    Product export to BizRate
    Product export to MySimon
    Product export to NexTag
    Product export to PriceGrabber
    Product export to Shopping.com
    Product export to Shopzilla

Email Marketing

    Advanced integration with MailChimp
    Add newsletter subscribers to multiple MailChimp lists based on rules
    Remove newsletter subscribers from multiple MailChimp based on rules
    Add customers to multiple MailChimp lists based on rules
    Remove customers from multiple MailChimp lists based on rules
    Sync extensive customer data to MailChimp custom fields
    Export filtered customer lists directly to MailChimp

Social Media Marketing

    Facebook 'Like' buttons on product pages
    Facebook OpenGraph META support
    IntenseDebate comment/reviews integration and sharing on Facebook/Twitter
    Disqus comment/reviews integration and sharing on Facebook/Twitter
    Share products on 20+ social media sites via AddThis button

Sell on eBay

    Manage everything from BigCommerce
    Push some/all products to eBay in 5 clicks
    Create reusable eBay listing templates
    Setup per-product auction or BIN listings
    Custom shipping and taxes for eBay listings
    Custom price variances for eBay listings
    View live listings from BigCommerce
    Automatic order creation in BigCommerce when auction is won or BIN is purchased
    Fulfill eBay orders directly from BigCommerce
    Filter orders to quickly find eBay orders
    eBay auctions & BINs tied into store inventory
    Automatic inventory reduction for orders
    No limit on number of eBay listings
    Per-staff permission for adding/editing listings

Marketing & Promotions

    Sell/auction products on eBay
    Trackable coupon codes
    Integration to 7 shopping comparison sites
    Advanced integration with MailChimp
    Coupon expiry date
    Coupon limited uses
    Google Analytics integration
    Bulk discounts per product
    Gift certificates
    Online certificate use
    Promotional banners
    Discount rules system
    Buy one get one free, etc
    Free shipping over $x
    $x on orders over $y
    'Customers who viewed this product also viewed' panel
    Newsletter subscriptions
    Google Website Optimizer integration
    Export to Google Base
    Export products to CSV
    Affiliate tracking system
    RSS feeds
    Google AdWords export
    Yahoo Search Marketing export
    Popular products list
    New products list
    Top sellers list
    Quick search popup box
    'Did you mean?' spelling
    Integrates with any live chat software
    LivePerson Express 30 day trial

Google Website Optimizer

    Improve conversion rates without guessing
    Six storewide GWO tests to run:
        Single or multi page checkout
        Add to cart button image
        Home page promo banner
        Newsletter signup box
        Checkout button image
        Product page tabs on/off
    Test on-page, per-product changes:
        Product name
        Product description
        Product image
    Test on-page, per-category changes:
        Category name
        Category description
        Category image
    Test on-page, per-web page changes:
        Page name
        Page description
    Run multiple test at once
    Change aggression level of winner
    View reports in Google Website Optimizer
    Disable tests from store's control panel
    Disable tests from Google Website Optimizer
    Set winning variation after test completes
    More GWO tests than all competitors

Payments & Shipping

    Accept credit cards online
    Support for 50+ gateways
    PayPal, G00gle Checkout, etc
    Support for secure checkout
    UPS, USPS, FedEx address label printing via Shipworks integration
    Support for 'offline' payments
    COD, pay in store, cheque, etc
    Take orders over the phone
    Sell in multiple currencies
    Real time conversion rate updates
    Auto-detect location for currency
    Real time shipping quotes
    UPS, USPS, FedEx, Aus Post, etc
    Define your own shipping rates
    Limit shipping methods by country
    Limit shipping methods by state
    Limit shipping methods by zipcode
    Various free shipping options
    Add handling cost to orders

Content Management System

    Full CMS functionality
    100% browser based
    Publish web pages
    Display returns policies, etc
    Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor
    Page dropdown/pop out menus
    SEO-friendly pages
    Restrict to customer groups
    Publish content from RSS
    Contact forms on pages
    Responses sent via email
    Display page as home page
    Re-assign products to another category when deleting categories
    Recent news items
    Treeview category management
    Drag & drop category assignment
    Banners and promotions

Customers & Groups

    Flexible customer groups
    Wholesale/retail pricing
    Per-group pricing
    Per-group discounts
    Set a default group for new customers
    Move customers between groups
    Category level discounts
    Product level discounts
    Storewide group discounts
    Fallback discount level
    Move customers between groups
    Filter customers by group
    Export customers by group
    Create unlimited customer groups
    Enter new customer details one-by-one
    Import customers from CSV file

Returns System (RMA)

    Complete returns system
    Offer refund, swap or store credit
    Customizable return reasons
    Customizable return actions
    Can return specific items from an order
    Status updates sent to customer via email
    Returns requested from 'My Account' page
    Limit staff access to view/process returns
    Disable returns if required
    Receive email notification for new returns
    Complete audit log of all return requests

Import/Export Options

    Bulk export/re-import thousands of items at once
    Import existing products easily
    Extremely flexible import system
    Export products to CSV/XML
    Two-way sync with Intuit Quickbooks 
    Order export to Shipworks
    Export to MYOB, Peachtree
    Two-way sync with StoneEdge 
    Export in custom formats


    Add/edit your own DNS records
    Choose orders per page in admin
    Choose products per page in admin
    Choose customers per page in admin
    Minimum password strength indicator
    Automatic admin logout after 15 minutes 
    Admin passwords hashed and salted 

  About Us

Below, I am going to give you an insight view of our technical department.

Our Web Development Department consists of 5 experienced developers and 3 experienced designers,
who are expertise in the fields of latest technologies.

Our Web Department Technologies include

    E-commerce Web Design
    Shopping Cart Design
    Custom Website Design in PHP, HTML
    Online Shop Design
    Website and Product Search Service
    Commercial Website Design
    Business Website Design
    Corporate Website Design
    Bespoke Web Design and Structuring
    SQL Database Design and Maintenance
    Website Maintenance

Following are the technologies that we have covered so far in the last few years.

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